The web design hacks all entrepreneurs need to know

You should not be intimidated by web design if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, as with the right advice you can create impactful sites that will help your business to flourish. Here are a few shortcuts to take if you want to get ahead of the game online.

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Optimise page load speed

There have been a variety of schemes aimed at making websites load faster, especially on mobile connections, with new architectures like Vroom having a positive impact on even the most sluggish pages –

However, rather than relying on third-party tools to address this, site owners should take the responsibility for dropping load times into their own hands if they want to satisfy visitors and achieve a solid search rank. A straightforward way to achieve this is to compress image files that are displayed on pages so that they retain their fidelity but take less time to load. You might also consider getting rid of elements which require additional plugins to operate, as these can weigh down a site and leave visitors twiddling their thumbs.

Harness CTAs

While visitors will come to your site for the engaging content, converting them into a customer requires a call to action to tip them over the edge. Yet so many sites fail to capitalise on this opportunity because they have not researched the most effective ways to use CTAs as a core part of web design.

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Distinguishing CTAs from the rest of the page by making them stand out is sensible, both in terms of where they are placed and how they are designed. Make them interactive, make them bold and always remember to test and revise your strategies if you are not getting the desired results.

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Focus on content

This is not so much a web design hack as it is a generally important piece of guidance that more sites need to consider. While you may be able to appeal to visitors initially through your high search rank or clever ad spending, actually getting them to stay on your site and return in the future is only possible if the content you offer is engaging and unique.