These trends are hitting the plumbing industry now

Being aware of the latest trends in your industry is a great way to futureproof your business. Staying ahead of changes in technology and customer expectations can help your plumbing business in the new year, so read on to find out more about the upcoming trends in plumbing.

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Ageing infrastructure

Ageing water infrastructure has become a big concern in recent years as climate change leads to a greater risk of leaks and flooding. Be prepared for householders who want to take pre-emptive action and have their pipes relined or replaced by making sure your business has the tools, training and expertise to tackle the job.

Solar-powered water heating

As homeowners face ever-rising bills and look for more sustainable solutions, expect to see more solar-powered heating systems that have the benefits of lowering bills and saving energy. Homeowners making the switch will be looking for skilled and knowledgeable plumbers who can make their system installation seamless, so make sure you offer this service.

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New pipe technology

You may be used to the low-tech world of copper pipe fittings but expect to encounter more technology in the form of self-diagnosing pipes in the near future. These smart pipes are capable of self-diagnosing leaks and alerting the homeowner, who can then contact a plumber. Pipe technology from merchants such as Watkins and Powis is set to make the lives of homeowners and plumbers much easier in the years ahead.

Focus on water consumption

Cop26 threw the spotlight on the climate emergency and consumers are doing more than ever to reduce their impact on the environment. This includes a focus on reducing water consumption. With the average household using nearly 350 litres a day, it is more essential than ever that household plumbing systems are running smoothly. It is worth looking into water reduction solutions such as greywater recycling and reduced flush toilets so that you can offer your customers a sustainable solution.

Trenchless gains popularity

Trenchless technology is designed to help you work more efficiently by offering an alternative way to repair and install pipelines. An alternative to traditional sewage line laying, you only need to make a small incision at each end of the pipe before inserting a new pipe. This requires less manual labour and makes it easy to diagnose plumbing problems using a camera. Make sure your team is up to speed on using trenchless technology in your business.