How to start a valet trash business?

How to start a valet trash business

Trash and Recycling Valet Services are a relatively new concept to the waste management industry. As with any other business, one needs to consider their specific niche market when starting up.

There are many trash removal services in the market. However, it is not easy to start a trash business. There are several things that you need to keep in mind before starting your own trash removal service. Let’s look at the important steps for you to get started with your own garbage service.

How to start a valet trash businessHow to start a valet trash business?

Trash valet services can be a great way to enhance revenue in your business. Perhaps you’re with the plumber and other businesses are becoming slow or perhaps, if you own a carwash, this may have been an option that is required by your company.

Make a plan

There are a lot of small, inexpensive ways to start doing business with these services. First, consider the amount of labor you’re willing to invest in every day. Perhaps if you set aside some time after work and weekends during your greeting hours at the center before picking up trash bags will be enough for them or maybe it’s okay if they have other stuff on their mind – choose one that keeps reception in check so they don’t keep coming in early and picking up trash bags.

Once you have decided on how much time they need to stay in between one job they will pick out the next, or when it’s time for a break – choose quiet times of the day that are convenient for your business. Also make consideration if any nights would be good because most places do not accept garbage twice at night (unless it’s bin drop-off). Make sure that proper planning is taken care of so important dates like holidays are not missed or discussed in a rushed fashion. Research is always the best way to find out what trash services you should look into.

Contact personnel

Once you have your ideal company(s) selected, simply call them for information about pricing and advanced scheduling! Then book some time to pick up your garbage bags , which will generally be either at their dumping site (if they don’t provide pickup service), or directly at the cart.

If a long-term relationship seems too stressful for your situation, consider packing it in for that time period and only use the service quarter to half of each year so you have control over when they show up. This can protect valuable rental chunks from having to be replaced by increased crowds during busy times – like graduation season . Or just do what I did , pick every other week (for about an hour) instead since with those rounds appear to be the worst!

Startup Funds

If you have a lot of furniture, be prepared to spend the first couple of months sorting it out from plastic packaging and cleaning your trash tub. I generally leave mine packed with all sorts of random junk until my second week when we are just starting our relationship – then pick up those bags and start shredding things like crazy while they sort everything (or not at all haha). Either way, after that horrible phase is over, you will find your life getting easier one step at a time. For those of you with less to sort, I still recommend gathering up all your stuff into that initial order – this helps the customer service side of things so everything is kept tidy and organized during pickup!

Prepare all materials

The trash company I use will pick up “known materials” which means if you know for sure that something is a certain type of material (like glass, plastic, or metals), they can come to take it. If not…they probably won’t mind waiting until the next time to pull your stuff – especially if there’s nothing in those bags from recycling anyways, but at least let them know so they don’t skip out on you randomly mid-pick up.

Marketing and advertise

Once you have your trash company’s address and phone number, let others know! Facebook/Craigslist ads aren’t a bad start but how about an email blast, post to your apartment board, or just announce it on the front door so people can show up early next time? You want that regular customer base before you get into any big increased visits from working out of the home. It’ll be appreciated when those last Christmas parties roll around.


Starting a valet trash business is not an easy task. It takes lots of time and hard work to build your business from scratch. However, with the right amount of dedication and determination, you can be on your way to building a solid company that will last for years to come. This blog post has provided some tips and tricks that you should consider before starting your own valet trash business.