Top Tips for Creating the Ideal Office Space

Your office is supposed to be a space where you’re productive, creative and solve problems like a pro. The fact is that not all office spaces really give that to the people that inhabit them.

Even if you’re not the boss and you didn’t get to design your entire shared space, there are some things you can do to make your area more productive for yourself. Use this guide to learn more about simple office design so you can be on top of your game every single time you step in your office door.

Clear Desk Clutter

Clutter around your desk can sap your productivity and leave you thinking you need a coffee break before you’ve even gotten anything done. Clearing the clutter isn’t just as simple as putting it in the trash though.

Before you start tossing things you might need, update your filing system so that it’s organized and easy to understand, even to outsiders. This rule of making your filing easy to understand is important and effective even if nobody else is going to be touching your files.

Once your filing is done, focusing on removing things that really don’t be on your desk. A picture of family and friends in your office can be nice, but when it’s in the way, it won’t be doing you much good at work.

Move non-essential items to a shelf or other area where they won’t be in your direct line of view while you work.

Get the Right Desk Setup

A desk is a desk, and most people take theirs for granted at work. The wrong desk setup can drive you crazy and reduce how productive you can be from nine to five though.

If you’ve got a lot of paperwork or electronics you need to use throughout the day, L shaped office desks will provide you with more surface area, even if you don’t have a huge office. A U shaped desk offers even more space, but you’ll need an office with a lot of square footage to make this work in most cases.

Let Light In

One of the hardest things about being productive in an office is simply not enjoying the environment. Plants and flowers can help, but making sure you get some natural sunlight by opening your windows is even more important.

If you can’t get natural sunlight in your office, make sure you go to an area that has some or step outside very few hours.