How to Save Money – 60 +1 Tips

How to Save Money

Having a strategy on how to save money is not an impossible challenge even for those who earn little. Starting is the hardest part, but once you get used to carefully consider where you are spending all becomes easier.

We have listed a 60 + ideas on how to start saving. Obviously, these are not absolute truth that can change lives, but little tricks that put together can lead to real savings.

Not all the suggestions are relevant to all people, but we hope that some of these tips will come in handy or can give you the inspiration to begin to save …

Table of Contents

1) Move bank accounts to gain more interests

In banks are taking advantage of the less conscious consumers and often a simple negotiation over the counter allows you to re-evaluate the interest and the costs of the current account or savings. Some of the best deals are online, you should evaluate the change banks if the bids are not convenient, even if this sometimes frightens.

2) Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water has great health benefits but also an attractive financial value. Drink a large glass of water before each meal will reduce the feeling of hunger and you will eat less. When you are at the bar or restaurant reminds that tap water is not only clean as much as bottled water, but it is also free.

3) Turn off the TV

Watching too much television never does well but not only because of the content. See fewer ads will make you buy less; less power consumption will save in electricity bills.

4) Sell unnecessary items in the Internet

On the Internet selling everything. The idea of emptying the garage or the basement of all those objects that often have not even ever used can be a surprising source of income.

5) Subscribe to all loyalty programs

Supermarkets, shops, hotels, airline companies and many other businesses offer point cards or other forms of allegiance. These programs when strategically used can lead to a lot of savings.

6) Kitchen and put in the freezer

Cooking often at home saves money and preparing larger portions to be put in the freezer can significantly save on the purchase of the ingredients.

7) Make handmade gifts

It is said that the gesture is more important gift. Prepare or create a handmade gift for loved ones can do to save money and also better appreciate the gesture. Buy in-store will be more and more expensive.

8) Use the rule of 10 days

Depending on your disposable income fixed a figure to which to apply the 30-day rule. For example, if you want something so it costs more than 100 dollars think about it for 10 days before buying it, if the tenth day you still want, buy!

9) Write a shopping list

One of the easiest ways to save money is to shop following a list. Without a list of things to buy you end up doing impulse buying more expensive items.

10) Invite friends at home

Eating out is the fastest way to end the budget for food and fun in one shot. It will always be cheaper to stay at home and cook in the company, of course, being careful not to overdo it with the menu.

How to Save Money
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11) Use the Internet to find offers

There are many sites where you can find deals and discounts. In general, buying on the Internet is cheaper than the store; this applies to most products and services.

12) Adjust the clothing rather than throwing

Do not throw your pants for a hole. Always try to fix the clothes with some sewing device. Learning to sew may be a good investment.

13) Do not spend too much money on games for children

The new generations spend hundreds of dollar in video games instead of playing outside in the park, push healthier activities and less care has double value. Often your kids just want your time.

14) Negotiate the interest on your credit card

As in the case of current accounts also often on credit card finance companies are taking advantage of customers who do not complain. Contact your bank to ask to renegotiate the terms of the interest on your credit card.

15) Empty cabinets

Donate to charities for tax deductions is a strategy that is good for the soul and wallet.

16) Buy games with a lasting and long designs and trade

Some video games can last a lifetime than others who once finished end-up in dusty drawer. Also, look at your shops area where buying and selling used games to spare.

17) Avoid convenience foods and fast food

The idea that eating at McDonald saves is one of the most famous marketing lies. With half a kilo of pasta with tomato sauce, you eat in 4 at the cost of a cheeseburger!

18) Of course, quit smoking

Not only does smoking really kill but also kills your finances slowly and inexorably.

19) Turn off the lights

To save as much as possible, remember to turn off the lights every time you leave the house or a room.

20) Use the online streaming services

To save on the purchase of CDs and DVDs advantage of streaming services on the Internet.

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21) Use high-saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs cost a bit more at the time of purchase but have a much longer life than regular light bulbs.

22) Install a programmable thermostat

Set your thermostat to heat your home only at certain times can save significant money. There are very interesting technological innovations in this area.

23) Buy quality appliances

It always pays to do some research when buying a new appliance. For example, a low energy consumption washing machine could cost much more than a normal, but the savings is obviously in the long run.

24) Clean or change the air filters of the machine

A clean air filter can significantly improve the number of kilometers per liter your car.

25) Do you exercise instead of spending money as anti-stress

Others see shopping as a relaxing activity. Instead of going to spend money to eliminate stress, try to make a run in the park.

How to Save Money
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26) Do not use credit cards

If you are often tempted to use credit cards, we will want to just leave them at home, unless you also spending on the credit card will not let you collect points. The key issue is to create an automatic payment card from your checking account without ever going to pay interest.

27) Compare supermarket prices

The price war between supermarkets is fierce. Visit the various supermarkets in the area before deciding where to do your shopping. A few more kilometers could mean big savings.

28) Make bread at home

Not only it is cheap but also it is also very good and often more healthy supermarket bread.

29) Share your dreams with the people you love

Plan big goals with loved ones can mean even share costs and gains. Great choices like buying home or long trips you can make in the company planning and saving.

30) Check the maintenance of your appliances

Check that there is no dust especially on refrigerators, dryers and radiators. Less dust will be more efficient in the future, lasting longer and use less.

31) Cancel the gym membership

Are you paying the fees in a gym or sports center you never use? Replace about the gym with outdoor activities to save.

32) Buy used stuff

Often they can do very affordable purchases by buying used items.

33) Wash your hands often

Avoid all types of viruses and bacteria; it will save on medical costs and risks of getting sick.

34) Remove the credit card numbers from online accounts

It is too easy to spend online when you have your card details stored in an account. The best way to break this habit is to simply delete the card from your account. So the next time you will think longer before appearing.

35) Buy after the holidays

After Christmas and Easter and all other parties the costs of gifts are halved. Plan well in advance of the year after the presents and save a lot of money!

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36) Try generic brands

The difference between two products of different brands is often the only marketing. Try to buy different brands and less popular to compare the quality.

37) Watch out for insurance

Insurance should not be seen as an investment. You are paying for expensive life insurance checking it worthwhile to stop and invest the money in the most convenient way.

38) Buy reliable car with low consumption

With the cost of gasoline skyrocketing car it has become a luxury item. Make sure you compare the number of km per liter of your new car. Also, compare the cost of diesel and CNG before making your choice.

39) Avoid the mall

The mall can be a fun place but it is also the place of temptation. Avoid the mall unless you do not really need to buy something.

40) At the supermarket applies the rule of 10 seconds

Every time you pick up an object and you put the cart, stopped for 10 seconds and ask yourself if you really need it or not.

How to Save Money
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41) Rent a room on the Internet

Do you have a bedroom that is not utilization? It could bring a lot of extra money. Not only you save money but also this can be a great source of income.

42) Cancel magazine subscriptions

You have a stack of magazines to read in the living room? Often they do subscriptions thinking that surely will have time to read, but it does not. However, online you can find lots of content that can replace magazines.

43) Give a hearty breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast will fill you with energy for the day but will also help curb the desire for an abundant and expensive meals.

44) Use leftovers

Create new and different dishes using leftovers from the previous meal and learn to appreciate the advantage of preparing the most generous portions.

45) Swap the position of the clothes in the closet

By putting on the front of the clothes that were hidden in the floor will give you a new perception of what you really need to buy.

46) Bring lunch from home in the office

Instead of going out to eat at work, preparing lunch the night before perhaps using leftovers. With this tactic, you can save hundreds of dollars at the end of the month.

47) Make small works maintenance watching educational videos

On the Internet, there are videos and articles that explain how to do anything. Small maintenance work can be easily solved by listening to and reading the stories of others who have found themselves in the same situation be careful not to make things worse, sometimes a specialist is the only way.

48) Take notes

Buy yourself a diary or use your phone to make a note of your best ideas, especially ideas on how to save money.

49) Check if there are free events in the city

There are many free events that are often not advertised, informed and plan things to do in advance to save on your budget for fun.

50) Inflate the car tire

Having the right tire pressure can improve fuel efficiency.

How to Save Money
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51) Facts a vegetable garden

The garden is not only a hobby that can be very rewarding but it can also be an excellent source of savings.

52) Take public transportation

In rely completely on public transport may prove impossible, but in some areas the public transport works well and allows a significant savings of money.

53) Cut your hair alone

I would say that this advice applies only to men who shave their heads …

54) Discover Carpool

Reach agreement with the neighbor who makes your own journey to share the drive. Divide the car daily shopping can be a big money saver.

55) Buy always super-size

When you buy non-perishable goods, you can save by buying bulk packs. For example, trash bags, laundry detergent, toilet paper and diapers are always bought in the format that you can find. In the long term, this leads to significant savings.

56) Prepare snacks before leaving on a trip

Have snacks ready while traveling can avoid stopping or driving looking for a place to eat.

57) Threat to change your carrier to get you better rates

This tactic works very well with the traditional operators who are lying and are not responding to market dynamics

58) Check what your company offers

Sometimes companies have concessions and discounts to its employees that it is always worth checking to find ways on how to save money.

59) Create products to clean the house “DIY”

It’s amazing how many things you can do at home in just a few minutes to save a lot of money compared to products on the market.

60) Go to the car floor

Not only accelerate too consumes far more gasoline, but also increases the risk of accidents that may hurt the health and insurance policy.

61) You can do it!

Sometimes debts can lead to depression and create a vicious cycle that can only make things worse. Keep a clear view on your savings goals you can avoid problems and afford to spend on things that you can make happy.