What is on-page SEO

SEO is made up of a number of elements that all come together to give you the ranking of your website. It is important that you understand the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Working with an SEO Belfast company such as https://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/digital-marketing-belfast/seo-belfast/ is the best way to do this.

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On-page SEO is essentially the way you can enhance the content on your website to be optimised for the keywords that you are looking to rank for. There may be more than one keyword associated with your business and it is important that you have these placed in the right areas on your website.

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For example, you might have one overarching keyword that covers your entire business and this would be the one that you would more than likely use on your home page. Any more specific keywords that relate to certain products or services would more than likely be used on deeper pages within your site.

In certain cases, you might be looking at local SEO rather than national or international and in this case, you would often add your desired geographical location either before or after your keyword. It can be a bit of a minefield trying to figure out what keywords to use and working with a professional company is definitely the way to go if you want someone else to manage all of this for you.