What key areas of your business should you have cleaned on a regular basis

Having a clean and hygienic working environment has never been more important than it has over the last 18 months. Commercial Cleaning Belfast companies have worked hard to ensure that businesses can operate whilst still needing higher levels of cleaning than ever before. When you work with a Commercial Cleaners Belfast way there are a number of key areas that they will focus intently on cleaning.

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Bathrooms – this is probably an obvious one, but cleaning bathrooms is a key aspect of having a nice working environment. There are a number of areas that will be focused on in this space, including the toilets and sinks themselves but also any high touch areas such as door handles and light switches.

Kitchens – it is important that kitchen areas are kept hygienic. Commercial cleaning companies will focus on ensuring that at the end of each working day this area is cleaned and this may involve washing up any items that have been left behind or placing items in a dishwasher.

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High Touch Points – these are any areas where lots of people will be touching them during the day. The most common ones are door handles and light switches, but it may also include coffee machines or water coolers and also telephones and computer keyboards..

Meeting Rooms – if you have a meeting room where client discussions take place you should ensure that this is one of the key areas that your cleaner focuses on at the end of each day.