What makes a building a bungalow?

There are many types of housing styles in the UK, but one of the most enduring and increasingly sought after is that of the bungalow. The typical bungalow is a single storey dwelling that, in some cases, has a room built in the roof for a second storey. Typically, these have dormer windows jutting out from the roof and are very distinctive. The other notable feature of the bungalow is that it has a large garden both front and back. This makes them very popular with retired people who do not want to face stairs and keep fit with ornamental gardening and vegetable plots. Stereotypical though this might seem, and given that we are an ageing population, bungalow demand has increased considerably.

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The word bungalow has some surprising origins. It stems from an old Indian word, “Bangla”, meaning “in the Bengal style”. Translation has changed that to “bungalow”, and the first was built and named this way in the UK in 1869. This is not to say that there were no single storey homes in the UK before this. Given the ability of the rural poor to build and find housing, the single storey was very much the norm. The first proper bungalow was a prefabricated second home by the seaside.

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