Why brands and businesses have no choice but to adapt them to Omnichannel?

Brands Omnichannel

Consumers have become increasingly complex and more active for more and more customers various spaces and elements. That is, rather than simply a space or a sales channel, consumers are increasingly jumping from more and more land consumption and are increasingly using these spaces simultaneously or continuously. This is what forms the new shopping landscape, which begins to be known as the Omnichannel consumer.

Omnichannel it has started to become a key issue for companies and one to which they must pay increasing attention as they should dedicate more and more care. The consumer is no longer, as in the past, someone who keeps things compartmentalized and their consumption habits. Now, all stage and all purchasing process is completed from different contact channels and also consumers expect this process is fluid and that brands are able to live up to their expectations and needs. If they start to make a purchase on your smartphone and then decide to continue with it in the store, for example, expect the brand to be able to rise to the occasion.

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In fact, as studies are showing, the gap between the online and offline shopping is declining. As noted in eMarketer, that from the data on the US market will close as the year in which the difference and the separation wall between the two became much milder.

The key is, as is happening with so many elements on mobile devices.Smartphones are increasingly functioning as a kind of passport that allows you to jump from one setting to another and the fact that consumers always carry with them does nothing more than make it much easier still employing the same in every one of the purchasing process. In fact, 45% of the ‘shopping trips’ (i.e. the shopping) already includes mobile. Consumers use the smartphone as a platform to access more information, ask for opinions or directly buy online what they see in the store.

Also, for sellers in physical stores, the Internet has become a key element and one for which you have to solve a few problems (such as silos in inventory or failures to bring it offline to online) because, as falling traffic to physical stores, mobile and internet in general become increasingly critical elements to enhance store visits. As experts say, brands and marketers must begin to see the e-commerce and traditional trade and as one.

Brands and vendors who are investing strategically based on this idea are seeing results are generated and those who have introduced new Omnichannel options in their processes (such as easy online shopping, store pick up) are seeing an improvement in numbers.

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What to do to connect with the consumer Omnichannel?

But the fact is that not only have to implement systems store pickup Omnichannel to connect with the consumer and not only have to merge the service there. Connect with Omnichannel consumer requires a kind of change in philosophy that affect the company at all levels. Brands and stores have to be fully aware that the consumer will everywhere and want to use all those parts when it suits you and therefore have no choice but to offer better solutions and better tools to promote this reality.

For example, stores (as shown by a study of Boston Retail Partners) are beginning to introduce new changes that consumers demand, or they can adjust to what they ask. 27% have already created (and works well for a 31% still have to work on it) purchase options in store and home delivery as in e-commerce.

20% (successfully in operation, 29% in need of improvement) has also introduced the buying in store, but the cast from another store or another distribution center. They are not the only ideas to respond to the pressure of these new consumers. Stores are also introducing same-day deliveries, reservations and online store pickup, buying power on the channel that want and choose the delivery fancy at that time or online purchase and receive shipping from the store.

All these strategies are becoming more crucial and more important as the days pass and the Christmas season is approaching, as consumers will be much more demanding during this period and ask for more and more.

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