6 Tools and software for the management of social networks for your e-commerce

Management of social networks

Who said that the management of the company to be complicated? Online you can find the tools to make it efficient and effective here are 6 tools to optimize the management of your social networks


  • 70% of social network users check their accounts every day (Global Web Index):propose new content regularly;
  • Plan their publications is simple and effective with free tools like Hootsuite or buffer;
  • Analyze your company’s strategy (traffic sources, conversions …) to optimize and keep the interest of your community;
  • Follow the market trends and competitor actions: supervises and cares for your content thanks to Google Alerts and Scoop-it, two tools that allow you to identify your industry dynamics and the actions taken by your competitors, always remaining a step forward.

Management of social networks
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51% of fans of your Facebook community could buy your products. Being present on social networks is essential to develop their e-commerce activities.

Did you know that 70% of members on social networks consults them each day (Global Web Index)? It is now necessary to regularly publish new content to keep the interest of users and benefit from an active community.

Simplify the animation of the various social networks it will allow you to gain time to manage the daily activities of your e-commerce, without sacrificing the quality of the published content. For this reason, the experts propose you 6 tools that will help you make more dynamic your network and analyze the results. Quick and easy to use, you have everything to gain! Find out now!

6 tools to optimize the management of your social networks

#1- Plan your publication to gain time


Hootsuite is one of the essential tools when it comes to managing social account! It is free (there is a more complete version for a fee) and looks like a control panel in which the flows of the different networks are collected: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (and others like MySpace or WordPress). Once registered, you can add different accounts (up to three accounts for the free version).

Hootsuite allows you to organize the publications but also to see all the community interactions with your brand (feeds, notes, private messages). First of all it is an aggregation. On your account Hootsuite, each column (or tab) matches one of your social networks. Hootsuite The free version also allows a basic analysis by creating reporting.

Why use Hootsuite? For its ability to integrate the total of settlements under your social media and for its ease of use in the planning of the post. A free and comprehensive tool, with even more advanced features in the paid version (starting from 10 € per month).


Buffer is also a free tool from the publications program. It is distinguished from Hootsuite because it does not allow the aggregation of information flows. It is very simple to use. Just create an account and add the desired profiles. You can choose to schedule your post on Google + page, your profile or business page, LinkedIn, Twitter and on your Facebook page or group.

If you use the paid version, you can also schedule publications of photos on Pinterest. This tool is really easy to manage and allows you to see some statistics about your post : the number of comments and likes, re-tweets, shares, clicks, etc. Upon creation of your posts on Buffer, the latter directly shortens your URLs, very practical! Moreover, it tells you if the number of characters in your state is too long for Twitter and LinkedIn. This allows you to optimize your posts based on social media on which you’re posting.

Do not forget that it is extremely important to vary its content by a company to another . Each situation has its target language and audience.

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#2- Optimize your performance with statistical analysis tools

Facebook Insights

Many of you have begun to have a social presence with a profile or a Facebook page.One particularly useful tool to analyze your performance on this network is Facebook Insights. To use it, you must have a professional profile and a fan page. It allows to follow, over a certain period, the evolution of a number of statistics:

  • Monthly active users;
  • The new “Like” on the page;
  • The impression produced.

This way you can get the main results related to your page with a few clicks: Connect as a page, click on “Statistics” in the top menu of the page, just after “Page”, “Messages” and “Notifications.”

Once arrived on the statistics page, you will see a sub-menu that will help you navigate: “Overview”, “Like”, “Cover”, “Views”, “Post” and “People”. The overview shows rapidly the most important elements of your page: the ‘I like’, covering the post and the interest of your fans. You can also select the time period during which you wish to view statistics. Remember that Facebook Insights allows you to export data to Excel or CSV format.

Google Analytics

As an online merchant, it is clear that the daily use of Google Analytics is a key tool to analyze the statistics of your site e-commerce in the short or long term. Every web site that respects must have an account in Google Analytics. It’s free and it allows you to access a large amount of information to optimize your online presence and your marketing efforts.

In the left menu, click on “Capture” then “Social”. You can see various kinds of statistics that allow you to view your presence on social networks. You will see what are the social media that bring you the most traffic, conversion rate, etc..

This data will help you refine your priority actions and check the conversion rate Ides of all your social networks.

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#3- Improve your competitiveness with the monitoring tools and content curation


Scoop-it can help in the monitoring of your website but not only! It allows you to easily make the content curation and sharing on your social networks. In other words, it allows you to create a kind of “diary” of custom topics and then to publish the corresponding articles on various media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WordPress and Buffer.

You can create a community of interests but also take the opportunity to publish news on your social networks. Thanks to a tool on the navigation bar, you can create new content by clicking the “New Scoop” that will be integrated to your Scoop-it account in the topic you have chosen. Do not forget that the free version of this tool allows you to choose two topics and two social networks on which to share your articles. There is also a version for professionals (5 topic, an unlimited choice of social networks and unlimited access to statistics) and a business version (major topic, unlimited access to the topic of sharing statistics on your internet site, 5 profiles administrator).

Google Alerts

Google notifications are emails automatically sent by Google in which is a list of results that correspond to the keywords that you set. A powerful monitoring tool particularly easy to use. This way, you can get the latest updates related to a competitor, with a product or even be notified when users post items on you!

Activation is simple! Just enter the site Google Alerts and click on “Create Alert” button. Please enter the words you want to receive email notification and sources that interest you. Remember, you can customize your alerts showing the options and determining the frequency of notifications, etc. Finally simply click on “Create alert”.

A practical, simple and fast track your market. With this tool, you will know everything that is happening every day … Take the opportunity to feed your social network with the latest news. Users who follow you will be eager to read information relevant to your online business!

You earn time in the management of operations and will be able to manage in a more satisfactory way the relationship with your followers. Particularly important for your business because it allows you to perpetuate your business.