How to create web content that differentiate your company

create web content

You know: in marketing wins who knows differentiate themselves from competitors. Those who are different is noted, it emerges from the noise of indistinct fund created by competitors. This is true even when it comes to creating web content: companies can also differentiate themselves through what they publish on their websites, corporate blogs, and social network profiles.

Therefore, do content marketing intelligently, by not doing what everyone else is doing. It is essential that innovate and stand out. Among other things, the time when it was enough to write a text-only content to get results with the company’s blog or social media is now dead and buried. Certainly write text content will still get you traffic target, but only if you resort to this tactic you have some problems:

  • It will succeed more and more difficult to distinguish yourself from the contents of your competitors, because the plain text format is quite common.
  • You risk losing all the potential customers who do not like reading long text articles, although you are able to create content of real value.
  • From the point of view of the form, you publish always the same types of contents, and then you will lack the ability to vary the shape of your communication, with the risk of becoming predictable and perhaps boring.

What should we do to create web content that differentiate your company? What to do to be different from what they do your competitors? Here are seven tips on how to make content marketing differently and emerge on your competitors.

create web content
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1. Shoot video

Have you ever heard of video marketing? Rather, it would be more correct to call it video content marketing. In practice, the videos are one of the types of content that will go for more in the coming years. Some even say that the video will be the most benefited Web content. Why? The reason is simple: the spread of smartphones has penalized the text post, more difficult to read on small screens (especially if the website that hosts them is not mobile-friendly!). This has benefited the film, which are much more comfortable to be enjoyed on mobile devices. That’s why your company should seriously consider investing a portion of their content marketing budgets in video content marketing.

2. Write tutorials

The tutorials are highly sought after on both Google and YouTube. As long as you type the word ‘like’ or the ‘how’ on Google or YouTube and you will see with your own eyes: lots of tutorial content type that are returned to you. The tutorial is a content that is part of the content marketing by definition: if you explain to a specific target how to resolve an issue that is dear, you have created a relevant web content, interesting and useful. Content from the content marketing manual, to be precise. Now, since your business operates in a specific niche, then you relationship with a potential customer identikit equally specific, you know yourself that writing tutorials that provide accurate solutions to the problems of your target audience is a winning marketing choice. In fact, every time you post a good tutorial, your authority in the niche grows. In the minds of your public enhances the perception that you are a true expert in the field.

3. Write content that are lists of resources

The contents grouping resources to work wonders. There are two types of content of this type. First, the content grouping tips (what you are reading falls into the category), such as “The Ten Commandments of content successful marketer” or “The 5 tips for writing quality content they sell.” Second, there are the contents of the site articles that group that publish them or other sites, that is, items that are a collection of quality content that indicate solutions to a specific problem. Here, to be able to create a good content which is a list of resources should start from a clear problem to solve. Again, you have to apply that which is the essence of the content marketing: identify a specific problem of your target potential customers and then offline an effective solution.

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4. Create Case Study

This is another great way to demonstrate your expertise in your field, and your skills in general. In fact, there is no better way to convince potential customers that show the results that others have obtained relying on your products or services. This is what you must do in a case study: explain in detail how you solved a problem in your client. Potential customers will recognize themselves in your customer and will be led to think: “If you did this to him, he can also do it for me!” Of not just one case study: you have to create as you can. More cases of success mean more authority and, consequently, the more potential customers you can turn into paying customers! Where to publish your case study? You can post them in the institutional website, on social networks, the corporate blog etc. My advice is to print them on paper and distribute them to your business, so that they have a (powerful) extra weapon in their negotiations.

5. Share original solutions

Looking for an effective way to get the attention of your potential customers? Here it is: find a new solution to an old problem. Or at least: it presents differently old solutions. In other words: an effort to create content where you do not say the same things you say all your other competitors. Companies that do not stand out from the average, that is, those that seem the copy of the copy of the market leaders, have the problem of not being original, that is to say that they do not know how to differentiate. However, being different is vital to be able to do marketing effectively. And a good way to act differently from others is also creating different content from those of the other competitors. Sometimes it takes very little to do; you do not necessarily have to invent who knows. Simply look at things from a different point of view, and therefore new, compared to all the others. In short: enough with the usual heated soup! A little fantasy even in content marketing!

6. Create infographics

Infographics are a type of web content that is enjoying great success. Why? Why infographics are visual content: you read quickly and then the pictures help you understand the concepts that their authors want to convey. In addition, generally, infographics summarize a list of helpful tips or a group of interesting data. I.e. they are the concentrated pills often interesting information for the target to which they are intended. They are also comfortable to share: can be placed in a company blog post, or they can be the image of a post on social networks. They are also quite simple to create: there are several software that allow even those who have no graphic talent to create an infographic more than acceptable. All in a few minutes.

7. Create a podcast

Podcasts work. Because? It’s simple: they are a tool that allows you to hear information without necessarily being in front of a PC. In fact, you can listen to a podcast anywhere: in your car, while jogging, while you’re on the beach to sunbathe etc. Those who have no time or desire to read a written content or, more simply, prefer listening to reading approaches willingly to podcasts. Here then is that your company can reach a large proportion of customers through the creation of audio content. After all, the podcast is a tool for some more comfortable ways of writing and video. In fact, no special drafting skills as the first and does not require investment and the technical capabilities of seconds. If you master the topics of your niche and you know to create value for the listeners, you just turn on the microphone and record.

Behold, these were seven ways to create content that can differentiate your company from its competitors. My suggestions work for all businesses, regardless of their size and the market in which they operate. So … start meeting content marketing by following these guidelines! You’ll see that in the medium and long run you’ll get remarkable results, measurable in improved lead generation and a positive ROI.