3 Tricks Email Marketing for SMEs

Email Marketing

Improves communication of your business without investing large amounts. Surely you know the story that if you rub an old lamp and leaves a genius grants you three wishes. But you do not know it is that small businesses can optimize their external communication and achieve greater profitability with three tricks of e-mail marketing very easy to apply…

The truth is that the e-mail marketing has established itself as the most profitable strategy direct marketing, reporting an average of $ 40 for every $ 1 invested. Often seems an ancient witchcraft the immediate effect of a campaign response generated because within hours of being sent is already reporting results.

Email Marketing
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That is why we wanted to show the perfect spell to transform your small business into a skilled communicator of its products and an attractive epicenter of potential customers with three very simple recommendations…

1. The trick rabbit in hat

We all know this illusion. The magician pulls the black hat a cute white rabbit, curiously, it seemed to be inside. By doing e-mail marketing is a very useful resource try to surprise the recipient with some interesting content within the newsletter, he or she will not wait and find it a welcome gift. We talked about incentives.

An incentive is a direct motivation for the recipient. It will be attracted to your newsletter and, when read, discover an exclusive discount or an irresistible offer that will make your message like. The incentives serve to pamper contacts and to be more subscribe to your database, as someone who gets a promotion usually share it with friends or relatives, which will increase sales of your business and attract new customers.

2. The trick colorful scarf in e-mail marketing

Do you remember the typical magic scarf clowns that seem endless and leave one after another through a button? This is a very handy spell that you can apply in your email marketing campaigns. Stay with the idea of changing the content of your message as if magic multicolored fabrics vary.

How to do it? Using designs and different newsletter templates each time. True, it is advisable to have a separate identity to recognize contacts who sends the message, but you can do this always keeping a sender name easily identifiable.

When we talk about design, go one-step further. Take advantage of special events and celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, summer … is essential to vary the content of our communication and provide versatility to our business. Thus, no resultants monotone subscribers and will surprise them every time you get a new message to the inbox.

With the amount of commercial messages we receive in our messaging platforms, we opted only for those who know how to get our attention and have an attractive design and according to daily events.

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3. Your winning spell

Although the numbers are not magic and never cheat, the sinuous curve of statistics gives us the necessary data to do with clairvoyance how to act in future campaigns e-mail marketing.

Too easy! Thanks to the statistics of emailing we can meet our target (although they do not know) by some figures that help us distinguish the behavior of contacts. Some of the statistics are:

  • The geolocation: Thanks to this information we know from where they have opened up our newsletter and use this information to send content on a local or near the area of residence of the reader event.
  • The click rate: With this percentage can identify how many people have clicked on the links of our message, allowing us to guess whether the call-to-action buttons are well distributed and are effective for subscribers.
  • The opening rate: The main thing to do magic in e-mail marketing is that recipients open the newsletter. If we detect a low opening rate, it is likely that our business will not attract sufficient to contact or that have a low – skilled database with wrong addresses.
  • The support used reading: We believe that when we open a newsletter with our Smartphone or laptop nobody will know what tool we have. But as statistics are magic give us the percentage of openings that were made with cellular and computer, so you know what devices are favored by contacts.

Do not hesitate to make your small business a great ally of communication and visibility. No need major advertising media budgets, but directly invest in options creative, original and with magic you can do to see immediate results direct marketing.