8 business ideas with vacation

business ideas

Within the wide variety of business models, most of the ideas that soil present on the blog are often based on a classic product sales system or service. A few months ago, we talked about other models such as those based on subscriptions, but this time we will analyze eight business ideas with vacation. Is the temporary assignment of an asset in exchange for money? You see, there are markets beyond the rental car or home.

3D printers

These printers have represented a major technological revolution, allowing do practically anything. However, they are not cheap, and for occasional use, it may be a rental market. Of course, it will be necessary to work on the training of users, to achieve the expected results.

business ideas
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Inflatable games

If you want to organize a memorable party for your children, for example at the time of a birthday or a first communion, you may want to install some bouncy castles, or the like. And of course that you’re not going to buy, but rent. It is a niche market, but it can work, especially in areas of villas. Continue reading business ideas for teens.


If events like weddings or receptions, it is often advisable to put some plants to decorate the place, and make it look more elegant. There is a need, and the business idea of renting plant adapts well, since plants can be used in various events.

Medical equipment

Some people, for life circumstances, i.e. illness or accident, they need some medical supplies at home to make life easier for the patient, such as a wheelchair. Some of the devices can be very expensive and a cheaper option is to rent them for a season. It is a service offered by some pharmacies, but could be conceived as an independent business.


There are very few opportunities to dress up during the year. Between Halloween and some themed party, sometimes it is difficult to think of investing a lot of money on a costume, just for one night. Because even repeat the same costume one year to another could be a bit boring. The solution is to rent at an affordable price.

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Luxury handbags and accessories

An upward trend is the number of people renting luxury goods, from cars to yachts. Within this niche market, it is interesting to see the issue of rent handbags (and other accessories). The brand handbags are paid very expensive, and thanks to the rental system, a person can claim to carry a model rage in a party, in addition to have another model in the next party, all without breaking the bank.


Turning to the parties, an already established business is the rental of furniture (tables and chairs mainly). But you can also imagine other rental. For example for those executives who will stay a few months in a city, and want to customize the empty apartment they have rented for a while, because they do not like to rent something furnished. A system furniture rental medium and long term could also be interesting.


Finally, we go with a classic. For many years, even almost centuries, men and women have rented suits and dresses for important occasions. There are even rental business wedding, but as usual, it is to rent a costume of knights, especially those with a retro design that nobody would get out of a wedding.

What product you think could be successful with a format hire? You can share your ideas in the comments section.