Why design is so important to the success of a product item?


One issue that differentiates a product from others is its design, the way they are presented to the world. The product design has become material for analysis and study, but also for awards, reflections and case studies that explain how to position marks achieved in very different situations that were some time ago. Just think in the case of Apple, who went from being a company with serious problems of survival to be one of the most valuable brands in the world by changing strategy, adding design as one of the differential engine products.

The design can completely change the relationship the consumer establishes with the product you are buying.

And the design is not only one element in the product and strategy, is not an element of the mark should be considered to make a kind of ‘upgrade’ of what is selling, but works in a much more complete and more complex. Product design is much more powerful and has a much greater impact. The design can completely change the relationship the consumer establishes with the product you are buying.

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As noted in the findings of an analysis in Warc, the design is not just something that adds more cost or a kind of indulgence in which the mark falls. It is not just the whim to do something nice. It is, in fact, an element that can help create financial value for the brand and, above all, an element that can become a powerful ally for marketers when positioning and strengthening the brand. Good design can serve to generate growth and boost revenues of the company.

All this makes the design, either the logo or the products themselves, should not be left to chance and should not remain simply what some like more. At the end of the day, often design decisions are made highly subjective manner. Instead of setting parameters businesses that underpin what you are choosing, the decision is based on what executives more power company they want or what they love or just based on that design has achieved greater consensus.

And this, both a position and the other is a serious error, which makes companies do not achieve the best results and, above all, they are not doing the best they could do on design.

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Choosing the perfect design

To stay with a design or another, the mark must not stay with what they like to their managers. Decisions have to be based on a thorough analysis and objective about what is ahead. You have to measure the ROI potential of all these options and determine which of all potential designs will have a greater impact on the brand, which achieved better results. That is what has to win.

Choosing a design or another is therefore a decision to be from a profound analysis of the facts as with many other business decisions. Brands have to make a very deep field work to understand what happens in the market in relation to the design and the importance consumers give to it and to establish relationships between investment and return that allow choosing the most effective way possible.

All this, moreover, will marketers have a much more solid presentation, a much firmer in defending their positions not only within the marketing stage but also within the whole company argumentation. Since it will have to compete with other departments for taking more and better investment, have some arguments (and especially economic weight) may be a good idea when to take the upper hand.