Why you might need tool insurance for your van

If you are a self-employed tradesperson, your tools are vital to you being able to do your job and earn a living. How would you feel if they were stolen? In addition to the cost of replacing them, you may lose business if you don’t have a spare set.

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Tool insurance for your business

Specific tool insurance may seem like another expense on top of your already burgeoning insurance costs, such as public liability and vehicle cover; however, you need to ask yourself whether you could manage without it should the worst happen and your tools are stolen from your van.

Being self-employed is not for everyone, as you are solely responsible for everything that happens within your business; for others, it can be the perfect solution to creating the work-life balance they have craved. The Money Advice Service offers some great advice for those considering becoming self-employed.

If you are already self-employed, you will know that costs can mount up; however, some costs are worth more consideration than others, as they can make your life easier.

Modifying your van

If you use a van for your business, there are some modifications that you can make to the vehicle that will help to prolong its life and make it safer and easier to load and unload. Adding steps can make access to the vehicle more straightforward, while roof racks and rails can give you additional storage space if you need to transport larger loads without the need for multiple journeys.

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You can add plylining inside the van, which essentially lines the inside of the vehicle to protect the panels from damage caused by goods, tools and supplies moving about in transit. Plylining can also make the inside of your van look more professional to clients. Companies such as www.vehicle-accessories.net can provide this modification for you.

Other additions, such as a hands-free phone kit and satnav, are quite standard these days. You can also think about dash cams to record what is happening on the road ahead of you and vehicle tracking systems to help you locate your vehicle if it is stolen.

There are many things to consider spending your hard-earned cash on when you are self-employed. Some will add more value to your business than others, depending on your individual circumstances.