5 retail tactics that can increase your sales

These days, the customer experience in store is carefully calibrated and designed to trigger the impulses that make shoppers want to spend money. Here are some of the tricks that retailers are using to make the purchasing of goods more compelling.

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Snob power

A study showed that when it comes to high end designer goods, a snooty, aloof salesperson may be the one who seals the deal. This kind of shopping is all about exclusivity. If you want to know more about the status of exclusive retail in London’s Bond Street, see this report from The Guardian.

Small is lucrative

Small sizes or packages may seem to be counterintuitive when you want to sell more, but research has demonstrated that people may consume more of some item, such as a drink, when they buy it in small sizes that are available in multipacks.

Lose them in a maze

Many supermarkets may appear to be laid out in a slightly confusing way, and they are.

Being a bit distracted and less focused apparently encourages shoppers to make more impulse purchases and fixate less on cost. Use cardboard displays and fixtures to lure customers to make impulse buys.

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A woman’s touch

Salespeople will build rapport by imitating you, and female sales personnel may touch you on the arm, as this has been shown to boost spending. Saleswomen can raise spending by touching either sex (in an appropriate place), but this does not work with male staff.

The power of nostalgia

Research has indicated that puppies, families and things associated with childhood evoke strong feelings in people, that make them value their money less and desire to spend more. Don Draper was on the right track with his sentimental campaign for the Kodak carousel. If you want to discover more about the options available with in store media for creating specific moods and generating a sales-oriented atmosphere for your premises, it would be a good idea to talk to experts on in store media, such as https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-media/.

Marketing can play a role in generating interest in consumers, but all of that may just get them into the store. Once there, it may require techniques of a different kind to encourage them to part with cash and make the purchase. The ambience in the store plays a very important role in getting shoppers to feel good about spending.