Why You Should Hire a Security Guard to Protect Your Industrial Plant

North American holds a 28% share on the global security services market. That means we’re tied for second place with Asia and just behind Europe for having the tightest national/continental security. So there’s no doubt that security is important to the American landscape, residents, and businesses. Security guards are essential to the industry as they protect against moderate-to-severe threats, many of which involve dangerous or threatening crime. In fact, security guards can be found in practically every known business industry nationwide. You may think your industrial plant is beyond the need for a security guard, but that’s probably far from the case. So then, why should you consider hiring security guards as part of your factory security?

Crime Deterrence

Security guards provide an extra visual element that mentally and physically deters crime beyond technological security devices. A physical human presence, whether armed or unarmed, often is enough to make thieves or potential criminals reconsider targeting your factory and move onto an easier target. Just make sure your security guards are visual and they know which patrol path to focus on.

Monitoring and Checking Duties

Employers often already have a specific protocol in place or planned prior to hiring a security guard. So the guard may be expected to perform extra duties including physical body checks of employees entering and leaving the premises and checking in customers, clients, or deliveries via documentation and further security checks. Identification cards or passes may also need to be checked and recorded upon entry. And that’s on top of the physical monitoring of cameras, inventory, and industrial or factory areas that can lure or hide potential threats and crime concerns.

Professional Alertness and Perception

Professional security guards are fully trained to be able to tell if someone’s seriously in need or trying to divert their attention. Many of our guards have military or police experience under their belts. So there’s no chance they’ll be easily swayed from the task at hand. Moreover, the security guard should be able to interpret the body language of the person providing the diversion tactics and realize their true intentions. Trained security guards can also spot activity or dangers within a moment’s notice and act accordingly. So if a potentially dangerous or toxic substance spills, the guards can evacuate the area, contact the proper authorities, and help maintain order until the right people arrive to rectify the situation. A constant state of alertness from your professional security team can save your business’ financial future, assets, and in some cases even lives.

Instant and Proper Reactions and Response

Patrolling, monitoring, and deterring crime are just part of the job description of professional security guards. That all helps crime or theft from occurring in the first place, but what about when threats actually do happen? A security guard’s reaction and response depend on the threat at hand. But being alert and not caught by surprise require specific training and experience. The good thing is that they’re easily secured as Korner Security. Security patrol services have risen consistently since 2010 and are expected to continue through 2022 and beyond. So the decision to add security guards in industrial plants can help you save even a struggling business in no time.