5 sales tips for those who do not like selling

sales tips

Some businessmen have only one idea of the need to sell their hands. This sounds ridiculous, but there are a sufficient number of entrepreneurs who absolutely do not like selling, despite the fact that not only the survival of the business depends on the level of these sales, but also the personal financial well-being of a businessman. Therefore, you will have to sell in any case. Another thing is that for successful sales does not necessarily love the process itself, you only need to master this art. It is given to everyone who wants to work on themselves. And you need to start in the first place with mechanisms that increase customer confidence in your product and business.

Here are five steps that will help to overcome themselves and will be the first on the way to a prosperous business …

1. Change your way of thinking

One way to overcome fear and rejection of the sales process is to reform your own thinking. Pour into the reality of the modern business world. Understand its mechanisms and features of functioning. Today’s customers are more informed than they were ten years ago. Most buyers before buying buy goods on the Internet, get acquainted with reviews, videos, photos and user reviews. Some experts argue that customers themselves have a greater influence on the selling process than the seller directly.

So forget that you need to sale the goods at any cost. Now your task is not to deceive the buyer in the process of making a purchasing decision, but to give him maximum information about the product, answer questions and confirm his words with practice and positive feedback from users.

sales tips

2. Focus on the person

Now we will talk about one of the most effective rules of sales – personalization of the client. You should always be focused on the person with whom you are negotiating a deal. Usually, sellers think about the product when they advertise it to the future buyer, but it’s time to change the focus. Identifying the needs of the consumer and ways to solve his problems – this is the path that will lead to success. The product itself does not cost anything, only its functionality relative to a specific user has value.

Getting positive experience with the company – strengthens the customer’s loyalty to the enterprise, and he returns again. And after all according to statistics 80% of sales volume is made by returnees, regular customers.

3. Recognize your value

Your attention should be focused on the person to whom you want to sell the product, but this does not mean that the product is absolutely not worth talking about. You must clearly understand the value of your proposal, it will give you confidence, and words – persuasiveness. The more details you know about the product, the more freely and convincingly you will be able to communicate with the client, and the easier it will be for you to understand exactly how your product can solve the customer’s need or make his life better / easier / easier.

If you know the goods from and to, then calmly answer questions, be less nervous, talk inappropriately or create awkward pauses. It also alleviates the fear of failing, because it is difficult to fail the exam if you know the course by heart.

4. Use personal stories

The art of sales is closely connected with the art of telling stories. Constantly worrying about how you will communicate with this or that client, you focus on your experience, not on the client, and as a result lose the buyer, because nothing attracts him. And meanwhile we are all people and we all want to see each other as an assistant, companion. Stock up with a few stories, not intimate, but personal enough to show you as a person and that they potentially could interest the buyer by analogy.

5. Do not try to speed up the process

Make sure you take your time. In most cases, people in sales experience stress precisely because of the pressure to close the deal as quickly as possible. In the artificial acceleration of the sales process there is no need. Your task is to develop promising relationships, which is difficult to achieve, selling people not exactly what they need, or selling not in a comfortable rhythm for them. After acknowledging the fact that you should not hurry, you will noticeably relax and will be able to focus on building relationships with the client without forcing him to make a purchase under pressure. This, as you know, will benefit both you and the client.

Sales can learn everyone. Even those who are sure that this is not his occupation. Could others, you can.