50% of the success of digital transformation happens to instill new roles teams

success of digital transform

From the CEO as the main driver to the Chief Happiness Officer or the Chief Culture Officer are some of the roles that already incorporate in your chart digital leaders like Airbnb, Netflix, Google and Zappos.

The reluctance of companies to change the organizational structure incorporating specific profiles drivers in the various facets of the digital process is the main cause of failure of one in two projects of digital transformation, where only investing in organizational and people processes.

success of digital transform
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When analyzing digital culture in companies, the most common digital transformation processes error is the fact associate the responsibility for change to a single area of the company-often the marketing and / or technology – or a single -called CDO responsible or liable digital -, instead of boosting a team of seven professional drivers all profiles needed in the digital transformation of the different facets of the organization.

“It is necessary to promote talent in organizations through collaborative environments that enable a cultural change by connecting people, processes, data and devices safely throughout the organization,” – says Diego Mosquera, Chief Marketing Officer of Paradigm.” What is really important is not the position but the responsibilities and roles, which are those that will make the process possible. Yes does not consider the different roles better not try it, the digital transformation will fail,” – he says.

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In this sense, the digital transformation is a complex work that needs seven professional profiles complementing coordinate with each other so that the work is complete.

  • The CEO as driver of the key strategies is that advances the company toward innovation and avoid any stagnation of the project, so their involvement is essential. It is not a mediator between parties: the ultimate decider of any proposal, which propels the advancement of the organization and avoid immobility.
  • The CDO is the guide towards the objectives set throughout the organization giving coherence to the process once the strategies are already proposed. It is the project manager of digital transformation and the currently known in this type of project profile.
  • The CMO or CTMO is responsible for marketing that has evolved to such an extent that has been mixed even with a technological role denominating CTMO. Its main objective is to align the communication of the company and maximize the technological tools available for it.
  • The CCEO is the role most currently seen in companies that again seeking a customer focused vision, customer experience officer. And their role is crucial in the process of digital transformation and typing the user experience putting in place.
  • The CTO or CIO is the one that unifies the whole process. Valora project opportunities. Their role is not to change technology but the business mentality.
  • The CPO is responsible for capturing talent, the best professionals and motivate them. Not only the customer is essential (CCEO) for the organization but the people who develop the talent. You can see some variations and specializations of this profile with your Netflix Chief Happiness Officer, Netflix Chief Talent Officer with his or Burberry Chief People Officer with.
  • The CCO is the one that sets the DNA of the company, who adapted the company to the digital philosophy. The role of the CCO is precisely that this metamorphosis is consistent; it is done with ease and facilitate the scanning process without losing the essence of the company. We can find this role in companies like Zappos, Google and Airbnb.