7 things you should do before the end of the year


Before entering the 2016, review your results and list to achieve all the goals of your business.

Now that arrived in the end of December, it’s time to make some changes to your company next year will be better. Here is my list of things to entrepreneurs:

1. Set the stage for growth: Check your projections for the next year and make sure to properly adjust the budget in every area. Is the sales department knows the objectives to be met? Do you have enough space to hire more people? Your service to the customer has improved? A maximum traffic internet affects costs?

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2. Clean up your accounting records: If you have not done month after month and if you have some money either section, it will be difficult to accommodate all. Perhaps you have not spent enough time reviewing the numbers and results of the company. Be sure to examine the financial reports carefully and compares the changes to last year. Find out if some results and plans do not add up the numbers go up in 2016.

3. Meet with your team: Maybe you think about business all the time, but it’s easy to forget to communicate your thoughts to your employees. It may be that you have changed the direction of the company and added services without telling all. The end of year is a great time to reflect on the performance of the company, talking about the challenges and achievements and plan actions for the following year.

4. Looking save: The large expenditures that promise good growth dominate your thoughts. Identifies expensive items and see if you can afford with those savings. Often software services make them a discount to businesses that pay a year in advance. Search this type of savings and investing.

5. Evaluate technology company: When you do a review, investigate how existing systems have been used. Sometimes if employees do not use certain software, system or is it because they know not to use equipment. Sometimes there are teams that are not used in the company, find out what they are and eliminate them so that then do not interfere.

6. Set goals: The best goals are those that are achievable. It’s easy to forget this when you get long-term goals. Its good when you put the goal of increasing sales by 40 percent, but how you think about it achieve? Adopt any goal requires a change in behavior. What will they do differently and your team? You’ll spend more marketing? You’ll focus on the best sellers this year? Create an action plan and reach consensus and understanding of new behaviors.

7. Contributes: Make donations to different places to contribute before the end of the year. You can organize your company offer gifts to some charity to be consistent with the values ​​of your business. Make a donation of time or money will give you a sense of purpose to your employees and company.

Jack Hudson
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