A traditional business and promising the lead batteries


Although lithium batteries seem destined to conquer much of the market, the lead acid battery still have some cards to play. That’s what …

When it comes to batteries, the world’s attention has focused on lithium batteries. However, there are some companies that are still, quietly, to operate in the business more traditional battery that of lead batteries.

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There is no doubt that the lithium batteries play an important role for many modern technologies, from mobile phones to laptops, up to the electric vehicles, such as those produced by Tesla, which began to produce batteries for housing in order to allow families to store energy from renewable sources,such as solar, using it during times of need.

However, until now, they have been lead-acid batteries to dominate in this type of applications, due to their low prices and despite having a lower energy density than lithium batteries.

Although lithium-ion batteries are gaining market share, lead batteries are far from dead

Although lithium-ion batteries are gaining market share, lead batteries are far from dead, as the following two companies, working to develop new technologies to enable further progress even to lead-acid batteries.

  • Headquartered in California, the Gridtential has developed a proprietary technology that allows you to use 40% less lead. A technology that the company plans to make available to existing manufacturers of lead-acid batteries. The company claims that the new concept of lead-acid batteries are safer and more scalable than the lithium batteries. Which allows existing production facilities of not having to re-conversion or massive investment.
  • Energy Power Systems: It is a young company based in Michigan (United States) focused on the development of battery-matrix planar layers (PLM). A technology that enables a longer life batteries with a higher discharge power. It also makes the batteries are fully recyclable and relatively cheap to produce. The production of new lead-acid batteries is expected to begin in 2016.

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