The 7 most innovative ideas for new business

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It is not true that everything has already been invented. Innovative ideas continue to spring up all over the world, sometimes making use of the latest technology, sometimes using only common sense and imagination.

It is easy to think that there is nothing left to invent and that good ideas have already come to someone else.

Business ideasHowever, innovators think differently, perhaps taking existing products and improving them dramatically, or creating objects and services that solve problems that until that moment nobody was able to solve.

The recent history testifies many cases, that led to the emergence of large, successful companies, from Apple to Google, from Alibaba to Uber, Tesla to Facebook, but the list it goes on and on.

The last article we had “The 10 best ideas for new business“, and in this article we will discuss about the the most innovative ideas for new businesses, collected by specialized network Springwise, offers an international overview which will provide to all potential entrepreneurs a good source of inspiration to ignite a spark of innovation.

Here are the 7 best ideas…

  1. AMBULANCE DRIVING: A flying drone carrying a first aid kit to save lives and that can arrive at any location, even the most inaccessible, in no time. This is the idea that comes from ‘the Netherlands and that this year could be used on a large scale. The drone, connected to a control room, allows you to bring medical care through an intercom and can be called using the APP downloadable on any
  2. SCRIBBLE, PEN TO COPY THE COLORS: In line with the trend of the last year to devices able to offer everyone the ability to create prototypes printed in 3D, this new pen is fitted at both ends of a scanner and a stylus. Users can place the scanner against any surface to capture the color, put it into an RGB value and, thanks to the ink inside the pen, draw it immediately with the exact shade.
  3. SPRITZ: READ A BOOK 300 PAGES IN 90 MINUTES: It has created an APP for smartphones that allows humans a reading speed of 600 words per minute, a speed unattainable otherwise since most readers are slow movements of the eye to scan lines of text. Spritz allows reading novels in a small space of 300 pixels by flashing each word for a brief fraction of a second. A remarkably effective.
  4. BACKPACK SOLAR: South Africa comes from the idea of a backpack for students with a small built-in device for capturing solar energy during the journey from home to school, which students can reuse to get the necessary light to study at night, without having to use kerosene lamps, harmful to health and potentially dangerous.
  5. PUMPPIPUMPE THE STICKER FOR SHARING OBJECTS: The idea comes from Switzerland and is extremely simple and inexpensive. It is to affix stickers on your mailbox, indicating the goods that you are willing to share with their neighbors. Each adhesive is in the form of a small blue square with an illustration, for example, of a bicycle pump, a lawn mower, of a kitchen scale, of children’s toys or costumes for
  6. THE JACKET VIBRANT TO VISIT PARIS: The idea was created to help people move on the streets of Paris without looking at the map on the smartphone or a map. The jacket gives small vibrations in each sleeve to give indications of where to go. An innovation that could find many applications to help drivers not to distract the eye from the guide, potentially reducing the number of accidents.
  7. BACKPACK TAKING THE METHANE: It comes from Argentina the idea of capturing the methane released into the atmosphere, damaging to the environment. A backpack designed to collect 1,200 liters of gas emitted from a single cow every day, is worn by the animal and then taken to a laboratory to separate about 300 liters of methane contained within. The gas may then be compressed and stored in special containers, ready to be used to power a refrigerator or a car.

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