Key elements to use in your website contents

The content on your website helps not only to inform your customers to be able to identify whether your products and services are something that they need, as well as being a way that you can improve your SEO ranking. A good SEO Belfast company such as is able to put together an SEO strategy and a package that will help to see you move up the search engine results listings.

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There are a number of key elements to include in any of your website content and this are:

  • Your keywords – these need to be put naturally into your content and not over used, There may be a number of keywords that you use throughout your site, especially if you have a number of different services on offer to your clients. When it comes to products there is a specific keywords strategy that you should use.

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  • How you help – in order for your customers to identify whether they could use your products and services you need to explain to them the benefits that they can expect. This is often expressed in terms of the pain points and issues that your clients have and then how your services and products can help them with these.
  • Testimonials – a lot of people will use testimonials and reviews from others to help determine whether or not to trust a company.