Eight tips to internationalize a start-up

Internationalize a start-up

The international breakthrough of an SME, in part due to its internal characteristics, it is what happens with start-ups, as its defining features are useful globally, so that internationalization is more likely to develop successfully. However, not always this object is achieved easily. That is why from Heygom have developed a number of tips for start-ups successfully and expand.

Internationalize a start-up
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1) Size: The magnitude of these organizations is vital to easily internationals. This is because they do not require a large investment in infrastructure, which significantly reduces its initial economic effort.

2) Team: The person responsible for the project at destination is crucial to the success of internationalization. Hence they should look for a good professional to deal with the most important tasks. In this sense, it is vital that this person has the professional features of a manager of the dot com sector with an international profile, language, innovation – oriented and open to relocation.

3) Dynamism: The profile of this type of company must be oriented to innovation, but its internationalization must be a considered decision because this is an almost obligatory for the start-up triumphs step.

4) Matrix: It literally applies the same business model of the parent country becomes an error that every start-up should avoid. This is because each market has its peculiarities, so the company has to adapt to these characteristics.

5) Fiscal strategy: The tax part is one of the most important to consider at the time of internationalize. It is therefore essential to have a specialized partner to help in this regard.

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6) Management legal aspects: Throughout internationalization should take care of the terms and conditions of a website, the on-line contracts and data protection are aspects that each country has defined very differently.

7) Process: It is very important that the start-ups and are designed from the start with an international concept, that is, that during the process of creating the company’s internationalization is one of the keys to the development of our business.

8) Culture: The cultural aspect is one of the most important factors that can sometimes be a barrier and impediment to our internationalization process. So, know well the culture and the way to the destination country will help you better understand your processes and avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.