How Investing Gaining even the most precious of your resources

How to Invest

How to invest by increasing not only the profits but also the free time is not a mirage. It ‘a fundamental goal that you pursue at all costs if you want to have more money and more time to enjoy them …

“I think I know how to invest. You have to know how to choose the right stocks and have time to track the progress day by day. ” Right? NO!! And all wrong but unfortunately there are still many people who think so when it comes to choosing how to best employ its assets.

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So the ‘people’ of investors is divided into two groups:

  • Those who know how to invest but burn our eyes to the PC to give up all their free time
  • Those who do not know how to invest and rely on advice from their bank by spending thousands of dollars a year in avoidable costs and losing so much time to make an appointment with their own “private banker” or “promoter”
  • Those who think they know how to invest but not having the tools to do it get spotty results over time. And in the end they cut their capital.

Then there is a minority of people (including proudly belong) who get good returns from their money while increasing their free time.

How To Invest

There is a great deception that keeps you tied to distance from the earnings that you get. And it is a mistake so great that it will devote ample space within investor, that teaches you once and for all and in a definitive way to invest successfully.

To think that to get good returns should invest in the securities fair dedicating to them a long time.

It is simply not true. I myself on my wealth of free investor managed to get high returns almost every year devoting little time to my own money … And the advantage of the effort made ​​is that now I have more free time to dedicate to my passions (swimming in the first place) and to my family. And if you have a small son, too you know what I mean, is not it?

To overcome the great deception and finally see positive and lasting results from your money is one thing you need to do. It will not be easy but it is a necessary step if you REALLY want to achieve that result.

How Safe Investing

Shall I tell you how to invest safely? And even profitable? And saving time? I shall gladly do it only if you are willing to abandon the old pattern of thought that to achieve results, you should focus on a few stocks dedicating to them a long time …

What you need is a system to invest. But what is it and how can it help me to invest safely?

A system is a set of rules stiff enough to tell you what to do in any market situation but so elastic to afford a great personalization of the same that will adapt to your needs as a soft glove.

Investor will learn the five steps (pillars) that allow you to switch between your financial situation to the desired one, so you do not advance anything now. I want instead to help you decide how to invest by creating yourself for your safe system. In addition, you should read Managing risk in binary options for your risk management in your system.

How to build a system to invest

In order for you to be free to increase earnings by reducing costs, risks and the time you spend in the daily tracking your investments, your system must have some key features:

  • It should be simple. I adopt always the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Only if a child of six years would be able to use your system is really simple;
  • It must be automatic. The system you use will give you precise information about how to invest by telling you how to do it, when, how much, when to sell and when to re-enter the market after you’ve sold;
  • It must be sustainable on a psychological level. If you do not follow your system over time – even if temporarily will not give you the results you want – it will eventually ‘jam’ not taking you anywhere.

You think that the “system” is critical to gain and you’re right. But it serves no purpose if you do not use the instruments ‘fair’ and if you do not have the psychological strength to follow over time. The combination of the system’s rules and your consistency in following will give you incredible results.

The story I am about to tell you will surprise you, but it speaks volumes about the difference between those who are achieving and those who think they know how to invest. A large American investor had written a system to invest that followed carefully. And that made him earn consistently over time albeit with moments not as usually happens. When a friend asked him what he was doing in the office reading the newspaper he said, smiling, “waiting for the signal.”

This man who knew how to invest awaited the signal from the system that he himself had designed. And for the rest of time he is leafing through his favorite magazine.

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