How to create a database of qualified leads

Lead Generation

The database is the most important asset that the company has to increase sales, exploiting all the information you can in fact improve communication with contacts and build a relationship of trust, essential to go then to convert them into customers. However, often companies consider “quantity” synonymous with “quality” without stopping to think that such a vital tool cannot be filled with data worthless.

Sending mail massive, cold calls or do any other strategy related to interruption marketing, are becoming less effective.

Users today are the main protagonists of the buying process, they decide through research on the network what they want and who they want, for these reasons it is important to build your own database with people who have shown interest in our products or services, and gives permission to use their data, but how?

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You start from the content

The database of qualified leads contacts created with the Inbound Method begins by providing valuable content.

The value of content is the magnet that draws the anonymous visitor in search of answers to their needs / problems in your website.

Useful information and carefully implemented, will convince you to release its data and to join so part of your email list.

To this end it is important, therefore, to insert a Call-to-Action in the concluding part, or placed laterally (sidebar), of each item in the website and blog section, Call-to-Action that brings to a landing page on which you will find the form to fill out.

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Landing Page

In addition to calls to action to increase subscribers to your database, it is important to create a page dedicated to offering value, the Landing Page.

The exclusive proposal should essentially be interesting for the visitor much to encourage them to provide their data.

A Landing effectively Page should be simple, do not contain elements not relevant and that could distract the user ultimately must limit navigation on the site, so as to orient it towards what they have to do.

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Marketing Automation

Being able to create a database of qualified leads is not enough in order to boost your business.

Using an automation software, you can “feed” your leads, targeted newsletter based on the data they leave and the actions of the site (which pages you visited, what he decided to download, etc.).

This will automatically be entered into a process (workflow) through which receive informational emails and relevant to their interests, and that until they are considered ready to buy.

Why do I have to spend time and resources to build a database when can I buy it?

It is the first legitimate question that companies pose when you are approaching of the Inbound Marketing method.

Buy a database means having a long list of contacts at hand it is true, but unfortunately most of them do not know about your company.

This obviously suggests that you probably are not even interested in what you can offer them.

They have, for example, agreed to receive your newsletters, which in turn will eventually collide with an impenetrable wall: the anti-spam filters increasingly precise. Eventually those on the list will prove to be useful contacts.