Important information to include on your CV

Writing a CV, either to apply for a job directly or for a procurement recruitment agency such as gives you the opportunity to showcase your abilities and the qualities, experience, knowledge and qualifications that you have gained over your working life.

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Here are some important elements to ensure that you include on your CV.

  • Name and contact details – these should be put at the top of your CV and you will want to include your telephone number and email address. In some cases people also include their home addresses.
  • Personal Statement – this is a paragraph or two about you as a person and where you explain your skills and experience and any tools and pieces of software that you are used to working with.

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  • Core skills – this is where you would bullet point your main skills. It is important to condense these down into about 10 bullet points and tailor them to the job that you are applying for.
  • Work experience – here is where you list your work experience, including the job titles, company you worked for and employment dates, along with a line or two that detail what your job entailed.
  • Qualifications – this will include your academic qualifications as well as any industry based qualifications that you may have gained.
  • Interests – this is where you get to show a little bit of your personality and share any interests or hobbies that you have.