Internet-based companies 10 largest in the world

Internet-based companies revolutionized business by connecting companies and their products to end users. The network has globalized the world, consumers can view, compare and buy from anywhere in the world if they have an Internet connection.

Internet competition is fierce. It is a very dynamic market in which innovation and technological advances play a key role since start-ups can quickly move to larger companies with new business models, new ideas or revolutionary products.

Top Online Companies
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So the leading companies in these sectors are companies trying to maintain and increase their levels of investment in innovation and diversify its business.

Generally these companies earn their income through selling products, take on some financial transactions commissions or other fees, offered as massive advertising platforms, selling space in the cloud or through offering premium services on free platforms.

In the following list we will offer 10 companies based in the world’s largest internet. To do this we will refer to its market capitalization.


Who does not know the giant Internet search? It is the largest search engine in the world and is a leader in selling contextual advertising network. This company is listed on the NASDAQ and has a market capitalization of 393 billion dollars.


The social network par excellence is the most popular in the world. To realize its actual size, in 2014 he bought another giant like WhatsApp by 19 billion dollars. As listed on the NASDAQ, its market capitalization amounts to 227 billion dollars.


This Chinese company has the privilege of being the largest IPO in history. Listed on the NYSE and is dedicated to electronic commerce. The market capitalization of this company is 210 billion dollars.


It began as an online bookstore around the year 95 and has since diversified its business by becoming a world leader in electronic commerce. At Amazon you can buy almost anything. It has a market capitalization of 180 billion dollars.

Tencent Holdings

Many people may not sound to him this Chinese company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. It business is based on creating applications, online games, advertising and messaging services as WeChat which captures million users. Its market value stands at 159 billion dollars.


It is the number one search engine in china. It offers services such as Google tailored to the Asian market (maps, news, videos, television and software). Listed on NASDAQ and has a market capitalization amounting to 75 billion dollars.


This company provides a global online marketplace where individuals and companies can sell their products directly through auctions. Its market capitalization is 72 billion dollars.


Surely this name is not well known but if we say that is the parent of a web booking as things change. This is a company that is dedicated to providing all services via the internet for travel. From booking hotel rooms, car rentals, airline tickets, cruise, etc. Its market capitalization is 63 billion dollars.


This company is a giant “cloud computing“. It provides enterprise solutions and trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Its market capitalization is 40.7 billion dollars.


Perhaps the oldest on this list, Yahoo continues to compete with Google and other Internet companies on some fronts. It provides digital content and a host of services through their online portals, including a search engine service or the famous Yahoo Finance. The size of this giant now stands at 40.67 billion dollars.

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