10 Ways to stimulate creativity and innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Differentiation being one of the main topics that we discussed in this blog, and seeing the great reception it has among entrepreneurs (among other things because there is a great need to get out from the competition), it is not strange to think that in all background is rooted in the lack of creativity and innovation.

And is that if above the offer could hardly cope with demand and allow for each competitor had a major share of the pie, nowadays most industries are characterized by a great deal in the eyes of the market does not present many differences.

Without knowing exactly what has obeyed this phenomenon that is part of the natural evolution of many businesses and industries, I would say that the mentality of the past to make no change while there was the need to do and be extremely conservative in times where there was enough bonanza for all, they led many businesses to grow not only a great fear and resistance to change, but pass all this led to a lot of businesses still encounter huge difficulties successfully differentiate themselves. And not because they cannot do, but also because new generations have inherited part of that culture and fear of change that is stuck in the DNA of many traditional businesses since time immemorial.

Creativity and Innovation
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More and markets have evolved and also companies, like it or not, they have to.

If in the past it was normal to be conservative, nowadays it makes sense to look distinguished and open to change or disappear otherwise. So far from any attempt to stifle creativity and innovation in business, they must worry about encourage and applaud any initiative that arises in this respect wherever it comes, because only in that way will be able to create competitive advantages that allow them to keep line competition and new approaches in different areas of the organization to strengthen their competitiveness.

Difference between creativity and innovation

Before proceeding with the focus of this post is an interesting exercise to predefine what each term, because although creativity and innovation to many may seem the same, in essence, two different things.

For greater clarity in this sense we speak of creativity when we refer to the abstract world of ideas. Meanwhile innovation refers to the successful application of these ideas to reality or to the process that allows realizing and implementing these ideas.

Thus we can say that both complement each other and need each other.

While creativity is the input of innovation, only through the latter it can manifest creativity and become tangible.

With regard to the practical life it is interesting to see that is not the same to be creative to be innovative, because although there are people with bright ideas, the put them into practice may require different skills. So we are saying that there may be very skilled people in the world of ideas (creative) and others that can be very good to innovate (taking others’ ideas and putting them into practice). Of course the exception to the rule is to find people who meet two characteristics, however from the point of view of the organizations, just enough to have people who have one or another feature so that they can complement.

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10 ways to stimulate creativity and innovation

Here are 10 ways you can stimulate creativity and innovation.

1. Make it new goals and challenges

In a way we could say that the driving force of creativity and innovation is always based on something. Unless you have to deal with a challenge or solve a problem that causes obsession solve it can generate good ideas and try to fix taking those ideas into practice.

2. Feel like what he does and practice a hobby

Although in reality there are few who are fortunate enough to devote 100% to what they love and are passionate about doing, it is always important to feel some degree of taste for the activity or occupation that performs whatever.

This is important not only to retain the provision and encouragement necessary to develop creativity and innovation, but to persevere in the office even in spite of the difficulties and obstacles they may encounter.

Therefore in this regard it should consider whether beyond any stimulus feels like doing so or else should make future plans to pursue other activities or occupations that although they may represent some sacrifices, may find it more satisfying and rewarding as well to let it keep the inspiration alive and afloat in the day.

All this, hand in hand with practicing some kind of hobby or recreational activity that feels like are key to maintain balance and control the levels of stress  in any way for whatever reason always ensue. Doing so keeps the clarity and focus needed in their daily lives to preserve the creative and innovative approach.

3. Have the habit of carrying a notebook and jot down things you find it interesting

It is not unusual that often the best ideas come to mind in situations and moments that may not be the most appropriate. It’s like remembering several pending issues that had been forgotten and had nowhere to write them down quickly. For that reason have the habit of carrying a notebook or target anything you find interesting in the notebook of his cell will help you not miss or forget While any idea because suddenly came to mind, because there was as result of observation, or because they came from a comment or conversation with another person.

4. Try new things

There is nothing more harmful than the routine when it comes to fostering creativity and innovation. For the same reason, instead of making your everyday a monologue, try to try new things and start moving those habits that provide no benefit and that on the contrary override critical thinking.

As you live comfortably in their world tends to become selfish and unable to see other realities before which ends becoming indifferent, the only way to see what others do not see is doing things and develop different habits to the rest of the herd.

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Besides trying to eliminate noise and unnecessary distractions as much as possible to improve your concentration (e.g. trying to make a more reasonable cell use television or radio also does not end up absorbing it into their daily lives), you can develop new habits like reading books you find interesting at night instead of turning on the TV or dare to try new things in their day to day and try to solve common problems in their work in a different way or to seek better ways of doing things.

5. Take advantage of downtime during the day

The time used to go from one place to another or that we have available at times during the work can also be used to stimulate creativity and innovation. In this sense you can use these periods for example to listen to audio books (in the case of all journeys made during the day in the public or private transportation), to read a book on a topic that interests you (when you have a free moment in his office) or to some other type of reading or recreational activity (such as using mind games).

6. Question everything

No matter what the case of a highly successful recipe with years of tradition and a sales system developed by a company that functions to perfection, we must remember that everything can be questioned and improved. While in our environment might observe that there are many things that work well, that does not mean they cannot be modified and look for new and better ways of doing things.

As a prerequisite to maintain creativity and innovation key will always be breaking paradigms and rules that govern us, an exercise that we do constantly, though not easy, is to question not only about reality and aspects of our environment, also, we should try to be aware of each of the things we say and think. Only then can we begin to break down paradigms and “truths” that someday we assumed and never submitted it to trial.

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In order to be more aware and alert people (two fundamental things to develop creativity and innovation), we must challenge and bring to justice any “truth” comes from the person to come and regardless of their credentials, how successful or smart it or you have a high degree of influence in our lives.

7. Make your office and place of study nice places

Inspired by chaotic and unwelcoming environments can be a difficult task. Given that motivation and good mood are essential to inspire and bring out the best ideas, strive to create a cozy atmosphere in your office and place of study at home may be essential to maintain the creative and innovative approach. Even if you think you could accompany your days in these places with some classical music.

8. Consider other views

Something that closes the door to creativity and innovation in business is to find professionals with a high level of expertise and experience in certain areas for performing related functions with these degrees of expertise.  This instead of hiring people with other types of experience they can bring new ideas and approaches to help them in this regard.

For example the history of Vespa shows how knowledge in aeronautical engineering helped create the unique concept developed by the Italian motorcycle brand making it a success that has transcended to today.

Similarly in the case of people it is a mistake to think that our experience and knowledge does not allow doubt or cannot be questioned. Sometimes but one who can wait or who believe is less able, you can get valuable ideas. For this reason, in addition to taking advice and consider the views of people with different experiences and tasks that you play, never underestimate the opinion of any person for less empowered you think is it to give an opinion (it is possible that more than once a surprise) is carried. This point can be very important for innovative people to the extent that they can provide valuable ideas that later can be implemented within your company or even in their own projects.

9. Save space to think and be alone

Even if one tries to isolate themselves and stay out of pollution from the outside world, almost inevitably exposed to stress and the daily dose of noise and chaos that brings every day. Therefore reserve some weekly or monthly to isolate and for example be in contact with nature spaces while meditating and reflecting, it can be a great way to maintain balance and mental clarity amid the many distractions that brings the routine.

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10. Use games

Strategy games and traditional games that can be found in newspapers and magazines (puzzles, word search, Sudoku, etc.) or the same apps that are designed to stimulate and improve mental performance, are also good tools that can be used for any length of time you have for leisure or we can use instead of devoting precious hours to make a not so beneficial use of mobile devices.

Thus while we can spend time entertaining, we can get more time to exercise the mind and stimulate creativity and critical thinking and be able to better meet the problems and challenges of practical life.

Creativity and innovation must stimulate

Far from being something that is generated spontaneously or require a magic formula, creativity and innovation are things you need to stimulate and encourage in the day by day as some points we raised in this article.

It is also important to say that both are not unique to people like advertisers or those responsible for the areas of research and development of pharmaceutical companies or technology; it is something that is in the DNA of each person, the only issue is you have to encourage it rather than suppress it. And you, what are you doing to stimulate creativity and innovation?

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