Online Shop: Common mistakes that entrepreneurs

Online Shop

When we dive into the sea of ​​businesses that want to open up a space through the creation of an online store, many mistakes can be committed.

However, despite the complexities or the newbie who can be in the area, does not mean we have to make mistakes, or at least not too many. There is a saying that the wise man does not expect their mistakes to learn, but learning from the mistakes of others.

In this article, we will focus on reviewing the most common mistakes made ​​when undertaking an online store and what to do to avoid them. Note that maybe is not valid for all online businesses, but the more you remove your radar, the more chances you have to start with the right foot.Continue reading →

In just five minutes you know the 7 steps to grow your business in 2016

Business in 2016

Discover what are the steps that allow you to increase your profits in a sustained manner and with predictable results for the coming year. 

Did you know that less than 4% of companies generate net income exceeding $ 1 million a year? This is because most business owners most of the time is dedicated to solving personal financial needs as mechanism survival, and little or nothing to nurture the growth of your company. Continue reading →

What is the working capital and why is such an important magnitude?


When performing an accounting control of our company, we must take into account a number of key variables that can make the difference between a company enjoying excellent health and a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy.

As you know any financial, one of these magnitudes is working capital (FM), for two main reasons: first, because it helps to ensure the survival of the company and secondly because it can increase the profitability of it. However, what exactly is the revolving fund and why it is so important to consider magnitude?Continue reading →

What are the sources of recommendation that influence consumers?

Influence consumers

Not the advertising or “influencers”, even Hollywood stars. The recommendation sources have more weight in the minds of consumers are ordinary people whose only notable feature is proximity.

Family, friends, acquaintances, or anyone who is perceived as an equal, can have an influence on consumer opinion provided that such opinion is perceived as disinterested.

These influences work because the willingness to trust our fellow men is rooted in the depths of the human mind, to a depth that can hardly get traditional advertising.

This tendency to trust is due to the human need to work together to be more productive. Sharing information and experiences is perhaps the best way to achieve optimization effort involved in obtaining the necessary resources for subsistence.

Therefore, thousands of years of adaptation to this mechanism, so deeply integrated into our subconscious that even today, in the era of mass consumption, continues to weigh as a decisive factor.Continue reading →

50% of the success of digital transformation happens to instill new roles teams

success of digital transform

From the CEO as the main driver to the Chief Happiness Officer or the Chief Culture Officer are some of the roles that already incorporate in your chart digital leaders like Airbnb, Netflix, Google and Zappos.

The reluctance of companies to change the organizational structure incorporating specific profiles drivers in the various facets of the digital process is the main cause of failure of one in two projects of digital transformation, where only investing in organizational and people processes.Continue reading →

Leasing Machinery for a Variety of Industrial Jobs

Invest in College

Businesses that are just getting started may lack the cash flow needed to buy brand new equipment. Likewise, factories that only occasionally carry out certain projects may find it impractical to buy equipment that will only be used once or twice a year. When your own factory has been called upon to carry out special projects for which you may currently lack the proper machinery, you may not be willing to spend money on equipment that you will not use on a regular basis. You can carry out the projects and still turn a profit by renting equipment like Greenlee Tools and other machinery from an experienced online leasing business.Continue reading →

Trading at Forex: Strategy trend channels

Trading at Forex

As a Forex strategy is always a good idea to follow the main trend of the price. However, there are certain market situations where there is not only a marked trend line guide price movements, but also it moves within a channel that determines the maximum and minimum thereof.

The channels can be side, bullish or bearish. The side channels have in principle a special interest, unless you want to use a specific strategy to operate. Is always more attractive operate trends phases in which the market moves sideways without clear trend, so detect and take advantage of a bullish or bearish channel will be much more profitable for our operations in Forex.Continue reading →

Growing Money for Your Future

Many people use investing as a way to create wealth for their futures. They realize that their paychecks and even their retirement accounts may not be enough to sustain them during the time that they stop working. When you want to know how to get started with building resources like a Dividend Growth Portfolio and other investments, you can find out the needed details by looking online. The website has information that will help you create the finances that you will need to live comfortably after you end your career and start your retirement.Continue reading →