10 Keys to make really effective Online Marketing

Online Marketing

About 6 years ago I decided I wanted to have my own internet business and from that moment I started working on my first online project. Today, after working for years in various web projects, I want to share 10 tips that I have learned about how to make online marketing that actually works.

Each of these keys has applied in the projects related to digital communities, eCommerce, web applications, personal branding and digital strategy.

I hope these keys will be useful to boost your business. We encourage you to apply!Continue reading →

How a startup is valued and what impact it has on your future?

Business Startup

As many people who took some years in this crazy but exciting world of startups, one of the questions most often asked is, What value my company? I’ve resisted writing about it, as there are large items on the subject and it is complex to tell … but I think I can at least give my point of view.

It is quite easy and there are many references to evaluate startups in later stages, when they are growing, but billed … etc and seed stage / seed? How do you value a company by a financial analysis that no invoice or if it does not in large numbers, which has a mature product and begins to follow the path of growth but still has not consolidated metrics?

Many believe that a startup seed phase is 0, since it has not yet proven its worth in the market … while others say it’s worth a lot of its potential. And indeed both views are correct … but with caveats.

The reality is that they usually end startups are undervalued (not very common) or super-valued (most common) … but that any approach is colored by one thing: the absolute uncertainty of the business.Continue reading →

How to make money with Facebook, earn online profile or fan page in 2016

Make Money with Facebook

Make money with Facebook is now a reality: there are many users who have learned how to make money online with a profile or a fan page, leveraging the internet in all its many facets, including the most absurd. How to turn in money to use your favorite social network? As mentioned on many other occasions in which we talked about earning online, it’s not all easy and you have to be consistent and determined. Before taking up a new activity at the very least know the basics: the same can be said for those who want to start a business on Facebook or, more generally, on the web today, in 2016. Forget, then, the various promises of obtaining money easy: on these pages do not like to sell smoke. What do I need to start? The only luck is that the start is at no cost: so to speak, because obviously you have suffered revenue and therefore you will be working “for free” for weeks if not months. Let’s see, in concrete terms, what you can come up with to get remuneration from one activity on the popular social network. Ready to make money? Continue reading →

Five reasons you should learn to invest in college

Do you find yourself questioning whether or not you should invest in college? While it is bar far one of the largest expenses you will make in your lifetime, a college degree unlocks numerous doors for career growth, personal and professional advancement, and an experience of a lifetime.  Plus, once the hard work of studying and writing terms paper is over, it can be quite a lot of fun. Continue reading →

10 Tips to learn to negotiate

Business Tips

Many companies fail to take off and achieve their goals for a simple reason: they have learned one of the most important skills that every entrepreneur must master namely “Negotiate”.

Here I would like to share some simple tips that will help you become a good negotiator, and grow your business. But what is meant to negotiate? Conceptually negotiation is understood as the process by which two parties agree on the individual advantages both in commercial and in the interpersonal or private. Continue reading →

5 Courses Every Finance Student Should Take

In a capitalistic society, everyone is busy trying to keep up with the Joneses.  It is therefore rather surprising that high schools and universities don’t make finance classes a mandatory part of every student’s education.  As a finance student, in particular, you’ll need to think carefully about the courses you take and the value they will add to your overall education and your future profession.  Along those lines, here are just a few courses that every finance student should work into their schedule.Continue reading →

Learning to Invest in College

Invest in College

Getting your bachelor’s degree is a long, trying and expensive road. However, if you know how to apply for loans, scholarships and grants, it could be an investment that pays itself off in no time. You really just need to know how and why you are making this investment for your future. If you are not quite sure about making the leap to earn a bachelor’s degree then consider these reasons why you should learn to invest in college.Continue reading →