Business Plan: What is right for you?

Business Plan

A business plan can have many names: strategic plan, operating plan, internal plan … but ultimately it is the strategy to follow your business to achieve certain goals. There are several ways to draw it up, it can be more traditional and extensive or more informal and summarized a single sheet. All this will depend on your type of business and how you use it go to give.

Then we will talk about the different types of business plans and differences between them so you can plan the future of your company successfully.

1. Lean Business Plan

All companies can use a Business Plan Lean to manage strategies, tactics, dates, deadlines, activities and cash flow. The Lean Plan is faster, agile and efficient than a formal business plan, because it does not include summaries, descriptions and minor details that you or your employees and partners already know. On the other hand, it includes specific milestones and deadlines, the budget allocated to each activity and the objectives to be achieved.Continue reading →

Pay All of Your Bills on Time with the Help of a Direct Online Lender

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Sometimes it can feel like your entire life is governed by the dates printed on your bills. You’ll do anything to make it work, from pulling money from one account toanother between paychecks to backdating checks until you get paid. Then there’s all the stuff you don’t do in order to save money, like going out to restaurants or seeing movies with friends. Unfortunately, despite what you do to help save your finances, it isn’t enough, and you run the risk of missing those bill due dates by days or even weeks.Continue reading →

Only a Strategic Plan Can Ensure Your Business Success

Strategic Plan

Did you know that to grow your business need a Strategic Plan?

More than 20 years as an entrepreneur have taught me to have a Strategic Plan gives you certainty of generating results in your business. And unless the business owner learns to establish a detailed plan and implement strategies in your business can achieve growth and success you desire.

What does it mean to make a Strategic Plan?

It is establishing business strategies in the short, medium and long term.. The word strategy is defined as the planned actions required running a business to achieve the goals of growth and expansion.

To better understand which implies a Strategic Plan in your company, you require yourself 4 questions: What? Who? How? And Because? Grow my business.Continue reading →

7 Ways to get money for your company

Get money

If you did not have the money you require to start your business, what would you do? To my great disappointment the answer is expect to have recourse to start your entrepreneurial adventure. Only very few bold answer that begin with what they have and the way they would adjust what it takes to get financing.

From my own experience there is nothing more dangerous than to have financing in the early stages where the entrepreneur has not created its model business because it does not yet know what product or service (value proposition) sell and who to sell (customers) and much of this resource is wasted on actions that do not produce value.Continue reading →

5 Reasons that keep you from realizing your dreams

Realizing your dreams

Why most people do not get what they want in life? If this your situation, do you think you could do something about your reality? The first is to analyze why not manage to take the plunge and you stay in your comfort zone.

If I knew the five reasons why most people fail to take the plunge, you think you can do something to get out of this way of life and help you achieve your dreams? Surely yes!Continue reading →

Ensuring Customer Safety in Large Restaurants

Large restaurants tend to see a lot of customer traffic, especially on the weekends and holidays. The typical dining experience goes very well, with customers enjoying their food and leaving quite satisfied. However, there is always the risk of a devastating accident or disaster. Water lines could break, gas lines could leak, fires could get out of control, and natural disasters could occur at any time. Being overly prepared can save dozens of lives in the event of a tragedy. Continue reading →

The seven investment advice Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet

For those who have no idea what to invest, the third richest man in the world says what to do to make your money is safe and profitable.

As usual, every year, Warren Buffet, the world’s third richest man, according to Forbes magazine, publishes a letter to shareholders of his Berkshire Hathaway investment company on its website.

The words of one of the most successful investors of all history are full of acute observations about the behavior of markets and the economy, which can be quite useful not only for the shareholders of your company, but for all who are thinking to invest their money.

He presents seven financial advices drawn from the letter of Buffet this year, all a comprehensive guide for novice investors.Continue reading →