Five reasons you should learn to invest in college

Do you find yourself questioning whether or not you should invest in college? While it is bar far one of the largest expenses you will make in your lifetime, a college degree unlocks numerous doors for career growth, personal and professional advancement, and an experience of a lifetime.  Plus, once the hard work of studying and writing terms paper is over, it can be quite a lot of fun. Continue reading →

10 Tips to learn to negotiate

Business Tips

Many companies fail to take off and achieve their goals for a simple reason: they have learned one of the most important skills that every entrepreneur must master namely “Negotiate”.

Here I would like to share some simple tips that will help you become a good negotiator, and grow your business. But what is meant to negotiate? Conceptually negotiation is understood as the process by which two parties agree on the individual advantages both in commercial and in the interpersonal or private. Continue reading →

5 Courses Every Finance Student Should Take

In a capitalistic society, everyone is busy trying to keep up with the Joneses.  It is therefore rather surprising that high schools and universities don’t make finance classes a mandatory part of every student’s education.  As a finance student, in particular, you’ll need to think carefully about the courses you take and the value they will add to your overall education and your future profession.  Along those lines, here are just a few courses that every finance student should work into their schedule.Continue reading →

Learning to Invest in College

Invest in College

Getting your bachelor’s degree is a long, trying and expensive road. However, if you know how to apply for loans, scholarships and grants, it could be an investment that pays itself off in no time. You really just need to know how and why you are making this investment for your future. If you are not quite sure about making the leap to earn a bachelor’s degree then consider these reasons why you should learn to invest in college.Continue reading →

5 Benefits of Learning to Invest in College

Learning to Invest in College

If you are in college and are curious about the way the finance world works, then you may as well start taking some classes on campus where you can learn all about how to invest your money. Most students don’t think about the stock market while they are in college, but by the time they are ready to invest, they have to teach themselves the ins and outs of investing. If you’re not a numbers person to begin with, then consider these 5 benefits of learning to invest in college.Continue reading →

Why It Pays to Study Finance in College

Study Finance in College

Think about your earliest experiences with money.  Most children learn about the value of money by doing household chores and earning an allowance.  This is more than just a way for parents to alleviate the burden of housework and have an excuse to limit the amount of spending money kids take out of their pockets.  It’s also a way to prepare kids for the eventuality of entering the working world. Continue reading →